CN​-​03 Within the Vacuum of Infinity​.​.​.

by Arizmenda

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Matthew Toye
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Matthew Toye Arizmenda will take you places. They're probably places you're afraid to go. This is some chilling black metal that provides an out of body experience. Favorite track: Poison Yourself...With Thought.
Boris von Boris
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Boris von Boris This album is full of paranoia, sorrow, rage and beauty. The riffs and melodies get stuck in my head for days. When the album comes to an end, I very often start it all over again immediately. This is so good I've bought it three separate times. Favorite track: Poison Yourself...With Thought.
Analbead Steve
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Analbead Steve This album makes me feel like I'm stuck in a dungeon from The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo while I'm marinating in my own urine and huffing gasoline. It's bad ass. Favorite track: The Agents of Transformation.
fables in death
fables in death thumbnail
fables in death really amazing album, all of Arizmenda's work is the best of black metal right now, on drums for Shataan or as guitarist in Volahn, talented artist! Favorite track: Poison Yourself...With Thought.
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Released by Crepusculo Negro (CN-03) on cassette October 12, 2009


released October 12, 2009



all rights reserved


Crepusculo Negro Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Those Beaten Paths of Confusion
Run These Beaten Paths Of Confusion
Self Created And Embraced
Burn The Paths Left Behind
So That None Can Go Back
There's No Signs Of Salvation
Reasons All Around Me
No Escape
I Can Not Remain Human
No Hope
Alone I Walked Those Paths Towards My Blessed Demise
Within The Nothingness Of My Void I Am Damned
Bath In Hate…
Bath In Fear…
Until You Drown…
Vacuum Of Space Within Me
Remove Yourself From Thought
All I Know Leads My Towards You
Your All I Feel
Your All I Know
All I Do
Pulls Me Closer
Your All I Know
All I Do
Pulls Me Closer
Your All I Have
Drift Towards Oblivion
Alone I Burned Those Paths
Track Name: Beyond the Shadows of Emptiness & Nothingness
The Flames Surrounding Me Burn With Their Breath
Their Voices Are Cyanide Tipped Bullets
I Was Drowning In The Inferno
All I Could Hear Was Their Laughter
Trying To Find Relief From My Burns
I Have Become Deformed In These Kingdoms Of Ash
What Must I Learn From The Razor's King?
Must I Realize My Worthlessness?
I Am Nothing
I Am More Worthless Than The Worms
Absorb Me
Embrace Me
Destroy Me
I Am Alone
Alone In The Cold To Witness The Destruction
Left To Suffer
I've Seen The Downfall
I've Felt The Sting Of The Night
Pain Must Make Me Stronger
My Reality Is False
Truth Was An Illusion
The Loss Of Emotion
The Deconstruction Of Human Weakness
Track Name: Poison Yourself...With Thought
Scream With Me
Realize Your Nothing
Infinity Within
The Mind Is The Purest Canvas
Did I Exist?
Was I Alive?
Infinities Within
We Can Take Her With Us
Crippled By Ego
I've Learned To Pain With My Blood
Crippled By Ego
I've Learned To Paint With My Blood
Crippled By Ego
I've Learned To Paint With My Blood
Crippled By Ego
I've Learned To Paint With My Blood
Track Name: The Agents of Transformation
Succumb To Self Created Strain
There's Nothing To Learn
Gain Only Loss
Fall From The Weight Of Sin
Free Yourself Through Insignificance
Free Yourself Through Emptiness
Fear Me
I Will End Your Life
Succumb To The Agents Of Transformation
Feel The Divine Punishment Of Curiosity
Feed Your Hunger For Sin
Relieve The Lust For Deviance
Embrace Beauty In Your Arms
And Slit It's Throat
Pull Me Under The Waves
Give Me Relief
Smash My Flesh Onto The Cement
Relieve Me
Grind My Flesh Into The Pavement
Track Name: Drowning in the Pain of Consciousness
Trapped In A Coffin Of Flesh
Draining Blood In Rivers Unending
Cut Me
Drink All My Sin
No Escape From The Thorns Of Dilemma
What Is This That Wants Me Alive?
You Can Stop Time With The Letting Of Blood
Stop Time
Release All Your Blood
Paint The Walls Of Your Mind
Lick The Blade Stained With My Blood And Pain
I Need To Understand
Drown In the Pain Of Consciousness
Embrace The Pain Of Consciousness
Drown In The Pain Of Consciousness
I Am Lost
I Am Lost Within The Seas Of My Minds Disease
Lost Within The Seas Of My Minds Disease
Track Name: Deny the Disease of Life
Fill Your Veins With The Pulse Of The Unattainable
Fill Yourself With Floods Of Never Ending Failure
Gorge On Decay
Gorge On Miseries Cunt
Gorge On Innocence
The Arms Of Depression Embrace Me
The Arms Of Depression Leave Me Scarred
I Was Bred To Pervert You
I Will Make You Mine
I'll Have You All
Come Embrace Me
I Want You All
Drown In The Venom Of Self
The Body Is A Vessel For Thought
You Who Have No Voice
Live Through Me
You Who Have No Choice
Die For Me
Give Me It All
Father Fill Me
Fill The Void
Crawl In Me And Grow
Crawl In Me And Take Control
Hold Me Up To The Light
I Deny The Disease Of Life