CN​-​25 Pact of Possession

by Acualli

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Released by Crepusculo Negro(CN-25) on cassette October 12, 2013

"Evil is not relative. It is not subjective. It is absolute. It presents itself instinctively with the strongest intention. It gains momentum by pain and suffering. No one is safe."


released October 12, 2013

Acatlán Coatlicue: Bass, Composition
Kampilan: Vocal
Vahxak: Guitar, Drums, Composition

Cover Art: Aron Briggs
Recorded at Black Twilight Studio
Mastered by Arthur Rizk at Solomon's Gate



all rights reserved


Crepusculo Negro Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Pact of Possession
Implored by the spirit of the goat.
By defilement of this virgins purity,
the entirety of my soul I devote.

Knives, Hammers, Ropes, Chains.
Divine intoxication
Others suffering and pain.

Fire fueled by repulsion and fear.
Incite violent torture.
Blood sweat and tears

Pact of possession.
Track Name: Rites of Mockery
Soldiers destined to hell
gather in blasphemic celebration

Altar in ruins.
The body of christ blackened by mould.
Holy water desecrated by pungent urine.
A heap of christian bodies left lifeless and cold.

A choir of laughter
aimed at the misfortune
of a dying faith.

The blood of christ replaced by the blood of his followers;
Consumed in excess by those who live in sin.
Confession spoken in tongues.
Cloaked in mystery, depravities from within.

Rites of mockery:
Nothing left sacred.
Nuns and priests defiled and bleeding.
A church in ruins; Desecrated.

Modesty abandoned,
they dance naked
on the grave of a dead faith.
Track Name: Six Eyes Open
Depravities realized by the pale moonlight.
Depravities manifested by darkness of night!

Sun sets. Darkness rises.
He wanders unseen, focus unbroken,
Six eyes open.
Intentions unspoken.

A family of four unsuspecting of him
will learn the definition of evil limb by limb

Lured to their doom by persistent deceit.
Bound, incapable of escape.
Denied of rights to a last prayer.
Evil prolongs the seals of fate.

Offspring forced into incest!
Parents bleed as they're forced to watch.
All were dismembered, left a mess.
He left with a vulgar display in his crotch.

He is the nocturnal wanderer!!

Depravities realized by the pale moonlight.
Depravities manifested by darkness of night.
Track Name: Lust for Absolution
Lyrics - M.Morris

resilient flesh.
tried remains.
sacred virtue.

Learn in reverse.
Enlightened at birth
and devoid at death.

Confusion consumes the master.
Fantasy frustrates.
And the impossible
Track Name: Mortent
Lyrics - M. Morris

Mortal markings decorate the walls

Where beasts create below

And frame the thinkers thought

In a hateful caustic glow