CN​-​34 Gods of Pandemonium

by Volahn/Xaxamatza

The vast chasm sinks as the trembling spirit unnerved, deteriorates into the spiraling cavalcade of hell. Subterranean place of fear, descent into dissonance of death. Gods of devouring pandemonium, obsidian blades wrought with gore, dance on flesh. Tribal heart beat reaching moment of truth, immersed in formless primordial fire. “Confirm upon mankind, condemnation”(Xibalba God) knelt with bleeding wounds upon altar “I am your executioner, with these hands I command dehumanization.”(Warrior) Kiche blood commanding supremacy of might; sovereign summation of native power, resonate within the totality of chaos.
Orbs of night, spirit spheres, dismal hours, dreadful twilight. Betaken to the Underworld. Divine master, the fiery mirror. People of darkness, axe of the night. Noxious scorpion, grisly disguise. Visitation of plague and war. Scattering maladies and disease, Huay Pek, the maw and the fiery tongue “Nomatca nehuatl niquetzalcoatl nimatl nehuatl niyoatl nimoquequeloatzin, atle ipan nitlamati.” “It is I in person. I am Quetzalcoatl. I am Matl. I who am the very war, I am Moquequeloatzin, for I neither fear nor do I owe.” Imprisoned in the caverns, by the powers of evil. His dark domain, Camazotz. Sudden bloodletter, blood thirsty decapitator, headless and without feet. Nose in the shape of an obsidian knife. Straw Death Ruled Unworthy For I see their blood “take their blood” For I see their flesh “take their flesh” Burn their bones and you shall deliver. Oblivion will reverse and silence shall echo. In the form of pyramids and with languages of fire.


Recorded by Black Twilight Studio & MKLA studio


released January 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Crepúsculo Negro Guatemala

December 4, 2020 CN store is open.


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